the flow of inner being

Ma Anita

swami sudip was 18 years old and student of medical science when he left Nepal to be initiated in sannyas by his master OSHO in Pune/India.
After this he continued to study all kind of old and new therapies and refined them with his meditative approach.
Soon his healing skills became obvious and with the inner guidance and protection of his master he also started teaching reflexology and other therapies in the ashram in Pune. While experimenting with craniosacral therapy he discovered a new energetic phenomenon which he could not really define in the beginning.

But step by step his experience became more clear and he described it as the oshorhythm, which turned out to be the master key to the science of the inner world for him – and the door to his own transformation.

More and more he became aware that this oshorhythm is the direct communion to his master, to HIS presence. Doors after doors of this mystery started to open up and came to a first peak experience when his master OSHO left his physical body in 1991.

Now he could feel OSHO's presence even stronger and his ability to heal reached a new dimension. But swami sudip always says, that actually he does not do much, only his master's being is overflowing in him – and now he is sharing these blessings with us.

After another three years of investigation and experience with this oshorhythm swami sudip had a final realization of this transforming process in February 1993. Now he could see the real nature of this rhythm and it's indefinite potential. In 1995 swami sudip left India to continue his work in Europe.

He is creating a new meditations and he is still scientifically investigating the inner world of man, surprising to his friends and clients again and again with new ways to reach the space of being inHarmony, and helping people on the path to find their way to inner freedom and real well-being.