the flow of inner being

Seminar Retreat 2008 - 1st Day Talk

I am happy to see all of you here and i welcome you,  i invite you to the world, to the inner world which i am aware and all of you are also aware, sometimes less, sometimes little bit more. In  these 3 days we are going to dive into it, we are going to explore it and we are going to have experience of it in a level it was never been possible before.

Each year we enter into  a new dimension of inner world, inner science. The inner science is a mystery and i am going to bring  its mystery as much as possible,   i wish and i hope these 3 days is an experience of inner space, and its mystery, the mystery which i may not able to explain it, but i will share it to you, which is called OSHORHYTHM.

The very experience, once you are aware of it , not just through your head but through your heart, it will remain within you, even you are far away, even you go to some other place. Whatever happens to your energy in your being , it will stay, it never ever disappears. Out of that  experience, you will be aware , and you will  trust  your own sense, you will trust  your own possibility, otherwise the inner world is just a story, it is just an idea , an imagination and  it will never satisfy you. It may fulfill your ego for a while but deep down you are empty, deep down you feel you are missing your happiness. 

Here meditation starts to happen, here you don't need to do anything, just be with me, enjoy, be here in silence, and focus as deep as possible to yourself, because the mystery is happening within you. 

The more you don't make effort here, the more it is spontaneous. Here we will recharge the very air , we will create the atmosphere  so that the very flow of your rhythm start  flowing by itself. So these 3 days just be available, be available in any moment, don't gossip unnecessary which is not part of the day, remain in silence, remain in your space, so that it creates a flame and once your light is on,  you will be able to sense  what i am talking, what is this mystery. 

The mystery of OSHORHYTHM is not a philosophy, it is an inner science.
Inner science which you can experience right now inside of you. So during these 3 days i will talk , we do some meditation and be open and receptive and  the mystery  will happen by itself.
So the more you are available, the mystery is going to touch you, going to nourish you,  meditation  starts to happen spontaneously, and you will be able to sense  what is happening within you. This you can feel it, this you can see it, it is not that you have to believe it, it is not something that you have to think about it. 

Here what i am talking and how long..... it is not important , talking is a tool  to create an atmosphere within you to bring your mind more quiet so that your heart can open and allow me to go in. This all talking is an expression to share the mystery,  but at the end the talking is not  important. What is important between you and me is that the mystery is happening, this phase is called  "transmission" and that is the most important.
 This very mystery, this very rhythm which i am experiencing is going to come  close to you, so that your inner rhythm  starts to overflow, starts to become alive. It has to be  so much  alive so that you cannot deceive yourself, the very experience of overflow has to be stronger than your belief and your imagination.

The awareness of your experience has to be so clear that nobody can fool you. That is the day of your freedom, freedom from your mind and freedom from anybody and plus freedom from your body, which  will disappear one day.
So unless you discover  something inside of you which is deathlessness, the fear, the anguish, the pain will never go away. So i hope that in these  days you might experience something of this mystery, that will nourish you, that will grow  your sensitivity, that you can say YES, i have seen it, and experienced it.

Here you learn to look in yourself. Here you learn to sense  yourself,  because  within you the mystery is happening, not outside, your eye has to focus within you.
The moment  you become aware of yourself  and that is a space of DEFOCUSING.
Every year i see some changes  happening within you, you have not recognized yet , this mind is trying to figure out what i am saying, may be sometime it is soothing, it is just like a story, but when the transformation  happens, it is not a story, it is your experience,  you live with it. In these 3 days it is going to happen, but you have to focus it, you have to look for it , if you don't look for it you will not be aware of it. 

The process of inner growth is like to  find the water source in the field, we have to start to dig . When you dig just for few times, it is not necessary that water is found, you have to dig and dig and dig and suddenly from one day to another  the spring water is found, so satsang is a process of digging inside of you to find your inner rhythm .. the flow of life.

So in the path of inner growth, till you don't realize or you are not aware of your inner rhythm, there is always a subtle kind of frustration because you meditate months and months and years and you don't see  what it is .  If i say" close your eyes and see the flow of  the rhythm", you close your eye and just see only  the darkness, you see only the thought and thought, the whole traffic of mind, but there is no rhythm !!??
where it is ? 

Mind is there and we live with it and we will live with it, but there is something more than mind and your body that you have to experience , and that experience is the only way to go above the mind, not below the mind.  we always look for that but usually we look and find through the below mind..  
 And when you go below the mind, you have this kind of period that you also don't think because you have so low energy in your head,in your brain, it looks like peaceful but this peacefulness is like  dead. It is a silence of death not of aliveness..

The moment your rhythm starts to flow,  all these things which we believe  this is ME, and the negativity and the problems that create, slowly all start to disappear by itself, you start being aware of your nature..  that is your inner rhythm ..So the moment we will enter into mystery of inner rhythm, we will be part of this inner ecstasy, of this easiness.  That is what the mysteries of OSHORHYTHM.