the flow of inner being

About Defocusing Meditation

Defocusing Meditation is a simple technique but in this simple technique there is a mystery that even i'm not able to describe totally but i can give you some hints what is happening or will go to happen while you are doing Defocusing Meditation, it's not possible to express in words, you have to experience it , your body has to absorb that mystery which is going to support to the Bodyrhythm and not only this but it's going to support in different levels so before you understand Defocusing first you have to understand what MEDITATION means.

We know a lot about meditation, we heard a lot about it and we did a lot in our life so far so but when meditation remains a technique, it is just an exercise and as long as meditation remains exercise it doesn't change you, it doesn't transform you, your energy. We heard since long time about meditation and we did it but 99% what we have done , it just remains a technique, it doesn't matter what you did, whether you did Kundalini or Dynamic or Nataraj or Yoga meditation or other meditation, there are thousands of meditations, it is fish market in the world but through this meditation which we believe basically it is your own believe which can help you a certain level, it is not necessary that will transform your energy.

As far as i'm aware if the meditation really happen your Bodyrhythm should improve, the very flow of your body should come more and more alive, so before we do any kind of technique whether it is Defocusing or Nataraj, the very essence, the very deep down, whether this technique is associated with an alive master or not. The mystery starts to happen only when the meditation is associated with the master or somebody who has reached a state of harmony, somebody who reached and discovered the very inner world, so any technique which is associated or created by an alive mystic, alive master, the technique is going to change into mystery and when it changes into mystery ONLY is going to transform you , not before.
So even the meditations given by Osho , they were alive as long as he was in his body, he was associated to them to all these methods which he has given but the day he left, all this association which was built up , it is just gone so now you can do all these meditations ( Dynamic, Kundalini...etc...) but they remain just technique, good for you body ,the same as you do exercise, as far as the mystery of meditation, the mystery of transformation which it used to happen when Osho was in the body now it's no more, so now let's understand what is for me meditation!

meditationMeditation, for me, it's not just a technique, technique will help but the technique has to transform into mystery, only then for me it's meditation. It doesn't matter what you do, you put your head on the top or this side that side or you make all kind of posture, if this technique starts changing into mystery, means that your bodyrhythm , the rhythm of your body and your being starts to come in harmony that is the sign, that is the proof that something is happening within you.
Meditation is equivalent for me to SENSITIVITY. The more you become sensitive meditation starts to happen or whenever your meditation starts to happen you become sensitive. Meditation for me is a door to be aware of yourself, you are looking to yourself, you look to everybody but at the same time you look to yourself that is the door of meditation. The very observation of yourself is the door, meditation is not happening a that time but it's the door where meditation is going to happen!

The way i'm aware and understand you cannot DO meditation. Meditation has to happen !!!

This is difficult to digest because it hurts our ego, because we believe that when we sit down, doing this and that, this means we are doing meditation. It is NOT! Maximum you can prepare your body, your body may be able to sit down 40 minutes straight up without moving , in a physical level your body may be prepared but it's still not a meditation. First meditation you cannot DO , meditation has to happen and what meditation means? You start being aware of yourself! That is the space of Defocusing .

Defocusing means your eyes are not focusing anything , they are defocusing, the same eyes which are always looking some objects, always concentrate on something start to loose its grip to be attached, you start looking the way IT IS not the way you want, the moment you look the way you want , it is focusing but when you start looking the way it is, the door is slowly preparing, the door of inner world, the door of inner science it starts opening, you have not entered yet, when you open your eyes some time you look out but the same moment when you look into yourself it is state of defocusing or i can say you are in the door of meditation, the meditation is going to happen.

I will also like to say in a poetic way , meditation is : as if you are going to the temple and you enter inside, when you go inside of the temple ,during that time, what happen is the meditation, but if you always look and stand outside without going inside the temple , just sitting there, you are near the meditation, but meditation is not happening.
Your body is a temple! You have been with the body your all life and maybe centuries and centuries because thousands and thousands time you had body, you came back again and again but till now you have not enter inside of you. It is a temple but you always look from outside, you use your body as a slave, your body follow your mind, follow your ego, but you didn't enter inside, so as long as you don't enter inside , meditation never happen.

My approach about meditation is not through the mind, not through your idea, not through your believe but creating the atmosphere, the reality of inner sense. It is totally different approach because we are very , very cunning, if we say" let's sit down for meditation....." before we sit down you are already planning how to cheat, as long as you go through your your mind, you always cheat yourself. Cheating is our very nature , we have thousands of excuses not to be aware of yourself, we like to be aware of so many other things , we like to be aware how to be powerful, how to dominate the others , to show power, you are this and that......... as long as you have this complex to show to the others, to dominate the others it's not a meditation, it's just a business, it doesn't mean you understand what meditation is. You may have read hundreds of books about meditation , and that is what is happening in the world.
People who doesn't know abc of meditation has written so many books and so many people who read these books and do meditation they all believe " they are doing meditation" so out of believe some cuckoo became enlightened , some cuckoo became famous but it doesn't mean you are aware of the inner reality .

Since ages those who became aware, those who became enlightened they became the proof that there is something which is inside of you, which you have to discover, it's not something to believe, it's not something you have to imagine and what is the "secret " , this can be said in one word " to go inside and be aware of you"! this is not a complex phenomena, it's the most simple, it is just to look within you, it is not a big deal but it is a very big deal!!!!
We are able to write books and books to discover or to describe what it means to go in, what meditation means but who write these books , they don't write from their own experience , their book is just a collection of all the words which has been told by mystics, by enlightened masters, they put the words together as if it is their discovery. and anybody who read, believe can say any bullshit , any kind of things, actually the more you say bullshit, the more people enjoy, the more people believe it, they behave just like a robot, which is programmed to believe it..

There are very few people in this earth they may have some sensitivity, they are maybe able to sense what means feeling good, what it means feeling happy. Meditation is not something you read somewhere and you understand, meditation is a inner growth of your inner body. your inner sense has to develop, then you will become sensitive. Defocusing is a door from where you are able to be in meditation and discover the inner mysteries of life.