the flow of inner being

Ma Anita

I met Swami Sudip 15 years ago in India introduced by a friend. I had some problems in my belly and i was not feeling good inside. I tried many kind of alternative medicine before but nothing was really making me feel better.

When i started to go to Swami Sudip from the first session i had result, i felt immediately better , my belly problem quick went away but i continue the work with him because i also wanted to feel better inside and for me his work was precious. I had one session per week and that was my favorite day, i was waiting all week for that day.

One day , after few weeks of sessions, i went to Swami Sudip for my usual session, he was sitting in the same room , in the same place, in the same chair but he was no more the same person. He looked different from other times. he had such a light around him or i can say his face had another light, much more luminous, something different. I told him " oh what happen to you, you look different, you have such a light" he avoided any discussion and simply told me "really?"

Even if he didn't tell me anything that day i knew something had happened to him and only few years later he told us that in that day he became aware of his rhythm!

In all these years he took care of my body and soul with immense patience, care and love. I used to tell him " i don't know how and what you are doing to me but li like it, it makes me feel good".

With his protection i could live my life with an healthy body and a good space inside which gave me the strength to face hard situations of life, made more peaceful and content, i could look at life more positive way, i became more sensitive and my meditation is more and more happening.

This all i got from the precious, loving work of Swami Sudip who is for me a bridge to Osho. He dedicates his life to the love for Osho and his work is a sharing moment of his love for him .

He likes to share his overflowing space given by his master. When i look at him i see he is with himself in all the occasions.

When i look at him i see where i am and where i can reach. His approach is to teach us to become more and more sensitive and aware of our inner rhythm .

Lately he gave us the possibility to have satsang with him through internet. His satsang are the highest transmission he could give us till now , during satsang he is sharing Oshorhythm , His presence , His love.

Hand by hand he brings you to the picks of Himalayas and stay there for a while, you feel how it is there, taste the freshest air and slowly come down to your reality, nourished, refreshed, more charged and inside of you remain the taste where you can reach and the wish to feel like that all the time!

I feel deeply gratitude to Swami Sudip and his work and i'm sure the more i will understand his work the more i will feel gratitude. I bow down to him and to Osho !!

For ever yours,