the flow of inner being

About Us


We are friends, lover and deciples of OSHO. Our life is dedicate to be aware of the mystery of his rhythm.
swami sudip has discovered and he is expericing this very rhythm flow since 15 years , and since then he has been experimenting and sharing this mystery to all of his friends.. Now it is time to experiment a new dimension with all of you through this webpage..
This web page is our personal and sharing space, love and gratitude to our master. We are trying to reach to some friends who is his friend, lover and deciples.. with whom we may not able to meet physically but through this media we have a hope to reach them...
OSHORHYTHM is an inner science.. it can be experienced now.. and lived with it , then only you will be aware of this mystry.. not before.
it is like when we are hungry we should look for the food..and when food is there.. it is time to eat and enjoy and get fullfilled.. not always to think about food and its menu that when and what and how we will going to eat... and remaining hungry to our whole life..
now it is time to nourish your body and your being... thats is the process of OSHORHYTHM !!!!!